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Why the Porn Industry Leads the Way In Adopting New Technology?

The porn industry is a large industry that has adopted the latest in technology and routinely adopts new technology. There are many reasons why this occurs.


Why Porn Adopts New Technology

In the early days of the Internet, some of the first images you ever saw on the internet were in fact, porn images or at least some pictures of a naked woman. As the Internet grew, so did porn online and porn sites. Today, there are millions of porn sites as well as others online that host many videos, images, adult games, and other forms of adult entertainment. Today, porn is advancing and making use of our latest VR technology to grow the industry and get it into new markets.

Porn adopts new technology so readily as it simply goes where its clients go. Porn wants to grow its customer base so it makes the most out of technology because this is in its own best interest to do so. If we look at social media, for example, porn has taken advantage of that as well as it connects with its base of customers there. Most major porn sites have social media accounts because they know their customers are online and wanted to view their content.

An Industry Example

Let’s look at a site which is a popular porn site online. This site offers regular videos, images, and even new VR porn videos because they want to keep both old traditional porn viewing clients and attract new ones that are using VR technology. The porn industry simply moves with the times to keep its base of customers.

Porn Leads the Way

According to statistics, 35% of the sites online are actually porn sites. The adult industry knows that people want to view this sort of content a sit’s simply human nature so they use whatever new technology we are adapting to reach their customer base in as many ways as possible. This is why porn site like Pornhub often change their content and offer new alternatives like VR, videos for example as they want to attract new customers that are using new technology.


Porn simply goes where the clients go as the client base hasn’t changed. Sites like XHamster and others know this and simply adapt their content to new technology so that base never diminishes and grows with the technology we adopt into our daily lives.